Environmental Responsibilities

Wake Smith Solicitors Limited Procurement and Sustainability Policy

Procurement and sustainability have a major impact on the environment, both locally and globally. The two issues go hand in hand and cannot be dealt with in isolation.

As a firm Wake Smith has developed a Procurement and Sustainability Policy in order that we can reduce our environmental impact and conduct our business in a responsible manner. With the sustained commitment of our people we are able to respond to the challenges of creating a more environmentally responsible business.

Products and services can cause damage to the environment; by using environmental procurement these impacts can be reduced.

Environmental procurement means combining the best economic solution with environmental criteria. Whilst sustainable development is defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is therefore our responsibility to purchase goods and services that have the most beneficial environmental impact. We therefore need to consider not only the source of materials, but also their longevity in the work place and eventual disposal.

All staff is required to support and implement environmentally friendly procurement and sustainability practices.


With regards to suppliers Wake Smith Solicitors Limited will;

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