Wake Smith Solicitors has been an important cog in the business community in Sheffield for more than 200 years.

Part of our culture and business ethos is also to support the local community and this is demonstrated by several outreach projects across the city. Please see below to read more on our partnerships with the local community.

Sheffield Theatres

Wake Smith Solicitors are a corporate member of Sheffield Theatres.

Paces Logo

Wake Smith's Chosen Charity of the year

Every year staff at Wake Smith Solicitors vote for a good cause to support throughout the next 12 months. Employees are invited to nominate a local charity with particular importance to them.

The chosen charity for 2023-24 is Paces. A specialist centre, charity and school for individuals with Cerebral Palsy and motor disorders.


Sheffield University Bankers Hockey Club (SUBHC)

Wake Smith Solicitors is proud of the sporting heritage the city of Sheffield has.

Wake Smith is currently the official shirt sponsor of the men’s and ladies’ elite squads at the Sheffield University Bankers Hockey Club (SUBHC) which plays in the North Hockey League and the Yorkshire leagues. SUBHC is one of the oldest and largest clubs in the North of England and came out of a merger of the University of Sheffield Men/Women’s hockey clubs’ Saturday teams and the well-established Sheffield Bankers Hockey Club in 1999.

Kelly Wooller & Suzanne Porter, Sarah Says Campaign


Wake Smith Solicitors sponsors the grassroots movement #SARAHsays, aimed to level the playing field for women everywhere by addressing barriers to female resuscitation, and correctly demonstrating 'how to' resuscitate someone with breasts. The campaign is fronted by ACW Medical Services following the European Heart Journal Research (2019) which found that women who collapse in public are 28 percent less likely to be given CPR by a non-medic than a man would be.

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