Medical & Clinical Negligence

Wake Smith has a strong team of Medical Negligence Solicitors in Sheffield to help you. In our specialist team we have members of the specialist Law Society Panel and of Action against Medical Accidents.

The dedicated team of medical negligence solicitors offer advice and representation to Claimants nationally on all matters relating to medical & clinical negligence.

Cases may arise from all aspects of NHS negligence or private care, GP's, therapists, dentists or opticians. We also have a successful track record in medical product and medicine liability claims and in multi-Claimant cases, including a recent case which saw the department successfully represented over 400 claimants in one action. We have also successfully represented clients under the Human Rights Act.

Few cases will need to go to court. However, if court proceedings are necessary the department has experience at all levels including the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and success in the European Court of Justice.

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‘Scott Haslam and Kate Lax always prepare the cases thoroughly, exercise excellent judgment and act only in the very best interests of the client.’

‘Excellent knowledge and thorough preparation of cases. Scott Haslam and Kate Lax are very talented lawyers.’

‘I consider Terry Regan to be one of the best clinical negligence solicitors I know working in Yorkshire. He is passionate and dedicated to his clients, but has a clear appreciation of the reality of what he may be able to achieve for them.’

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Medical or Clinical Negligence claims cover the whole range of professional healthcare practices and are not just limited to hospital or medical treatment. For example, claims can be made in respect of treatment provided by doctors, nurses, opticians, dentists, therapists, pharmacists, nursing homes and practitioners of alternative medicines, whether the treatment was private or on the NHS. Wake Smith has a great deal of experience dealing with healthcare professionals of all kinds.

If all you want is an explanation or apology, talk to the healthcare provider involved. This will help rule out any genuine misunderstandings. If the problem remains unresolved, make a formal complaint, in writing, to prompt an internal enquiry. There is a formal procedure for complaints to the NHS which can be found on the NHS Choices website. A complaint should generally be made within six months, but will not result in compensation.

Unfortunately, it's usually impossible to value a medical negligence claim until we have received a medical report. The claim value will depend on the extent of your injuries, the consequences those injuries may have for the short and long-term and the extent of any financial losses and expenses suffered as a result.

The vast majority of medical negligence claims are resolved one way or another without the case ever going to trial in court. At Wake Smith our aim is to achieve a negotiated settlement. We are experienced in negotiating with the NHS and their solicitors. However, if it becomes necessary, we will protect your best interests by taking your case through the court system

We offer a free initial consultation, without obligation, to discuss your situation. We will advise you of the steps you can take and the financial assistance which is available.

This will depend on whether liability is admitted or not. In some cases, liability is admitted early on. If liability is not admitted and we believe the claim has good prospects of success, we will issue court proceedings and the matter will proceed to trial, in which case it is likely to take a minimum of three years to be resolved. Even after admission of liability for medical negligence, it can still take time to quantify all the consequential financial losses.

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