Litigation for Individuals

Unfortunately there are times when disputes can’t be solved with simple discussion, and to get a fair resolution you need to seek legal advice. Here at Wake Smith Solicitors, we have an experienced and highly effective Sheffield based team of litigation solicitors ready to advise and help you.

The team covers practically all types of disputes in which individuals commonly become involved.  Some examples are set out below.

Legal disputes connected to your house
Disputes with builders
Disputes with your neighbours
Disputes with your insurers
Disputes with tenants
Disputes with partners 

Legal disputes with professionals
Disputes with surveyors, architects, solicitors, vets, doctors, dentists etc

Legal disputes about things you have bought
Disputes with shops or suppliers

Legal disputes following a bereavement
Disputes about wills, inheritances, trusts or the administration of deceased estates.

Legal disputes on the road, at work or anywhere else
Disputes with anyone in relation to just about anything

We will listen carefully to what you want, advise you as to the options available and their respective merits and cost and give you our advice about what you should do. If that involves bringing or defending a court or tribunal claim then we are experts at that but we’re also experts at negotiating the right or best available outcome for you.

To make an online enquiry you can contact us here. Or to speak to our team, call 0114 266 6660.

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