Sophie Kerry

Solicitor in Litigation & Dispute Resolution




1 year


Sophie studied at Northumbria University Newcastle and completed an Integrated Master’s including a Dissertation, a Qualifying Law Degree and exemption from the LPC.

Main Areas of Work:

Sophie has been involved in a wide variety of work including:

  • Contract disputes;
  • Landlord & Tenant disputes;
  • Consumer Rights disputes;
  • Boundary disputes;
  • Probate disputes and
  • Debt disputes.

 Since joining Wake Smith as a Newly Qualified Solicitor Sophie hopes to expand her knowledge of litigation as a whole and in particular Commercial Litigation.

Great / Notable achievements at Wake Smith:

Acting Solicitor at a successful Fast Track Trial for the Claimant, a company. Dispute regarding whether the Defendant, a de factor Director (also the Landlord of the Claimant) was entitled to retain monies from the Claimant’s company account for purported fees. Further, a counterclaim was entered regarding repayment of rent, it was successfully argued that there was a ‘rent free period’ supported by the Claimant’s financial accounts. As the Claimant also beat a previous Part 36 Offer at trial meaning further costs penalties were paid on an indemnity basis with a penalty payment thereby achieving almost a full recovery of costs.

Recently acted in various successful residential possession proceedings where costs awarded outside of the usual fixed costs regime.

Sophie is also an active member of the Wake Smith Charity Board.

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