Medication Error & Prescription Errors

Most people in the UK will have to take some form of medication during their lifetime.  Medicines are routinely prescribed by GPs, hospital doctors, nurses (some of whom have prescribing qualifications) and dentists.  They will usually be administered by a Pharmacist, either in hospital or in the community.

They can be used to treat acute (short-term) problems such as when antibiotics are prescribed for a chest infection.  They can also be used to treat chronic (long-term) conditions such as medication taken to reduce cholesterol or high blood pressure.

Unfortunately, medication errors are common.  In the vast majority of cases, the error is spotted before the patient comes to any harm.  It is only when the error isn’t recognised, and the patient takes the incorrectly dispensed medication, that problems arise. Here at Wake Smith our medication error solicitors in Sheffield are here to help you get the compensation you deserve.

There are two main types of errors which can occur:

This means that not only is the underlying condition, for which the medication was required, not being treated but the patient is exposed to the risk of any side effects caused by the incorrect medication.

If the dose is too low, it may not be having the intended effect, allowing a condition to progress or a patient to experience symptoms which would otherwise have been controlled.

If the dose is too high, the patient may be placed at an increased risk of side effects or even, in the most severe cases, toxicity which could result in death.

There are many possible reasons for a medication error including:

When there has been a medication error, it is important that the cause of the error is established to ensure that it doesn’t happen to another patient.  If there has been a problem with the labelling or manufacturing of the medicine, it should be reported and could result in the medication being recalled.

There are procedures in place to ensure you are given the correct medication, but it is also sensible to check that the medication you are given matches the label on the box.

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