A & E Claims

A & E (also known as Accident & Emergency or the Emergency Department) is often the first port of call after suffering an injury or acute illness.  For this reason A & E tends to be responsible for the assessment and treatment of patients with injuries ranging from life threatening emergencies to broken bones.

It is widely known that A & E departments across the country are under increased pressure, particularly during the winter months but this doesn’t mean that you should expect poorer care. 

While the service is clearly stretched, A & E operates a triage system which should ensure those in greatest need receive treatment at the earliest opportunity.  Even if your injury or illness isn’t life threatening, and you have to wait a number of hours to be seen, you should still expect to receive a high standard of care. 

Unfortunately, as patients attending A & E are usually in need of urgent medical attention, errors in assessment and treatment can often have serious consequences resulting in further injury, deterioration, or even (in the most extreme cases) death.

If you or a member of your family has experienced inadequate care or medical treatment in A & E you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Our Team has a vast amount of experience in dealing with all aspects of A & E negligence, including claims involving:-

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