£50,000 settlement for clinical negligence – claim for breach of duty of care by a GP

Our client vs a Derbyshire GP

Year of incident: 2020

Date of Settlement: 2024

Acting: Millie Bolsover, clinical negligence executive at Wake Smith Solicitor


In summary, the 49-year-old female Claimant attended her GP in June 2013 with a growing mole on her right shin. It was documented and she was referred to Dermatology in September where it was excised in the minor operations clinic, in December 2013. The histology reported it as a benign compound melanocytic naevus, with no evidence of malignancy. She was discharged back to the care of her GP.

In November 2016 as the mole had grown back, an excision took place on 13 March 2017 by the GP; it was curetted off and cauterised. No further action was taken, nor were any samples sent off.

In September 2020, the Claimant noticed the lesion was slowly growing back and was itchy, swollen and was visible through clothing. Her GP referred her back to Dermatology. The records note that it was queried by the Skin Cancer Nurse Specialist on 11 October 2020 whether the excised sample from 2017 had been sent for testing, as there were no available results on ICE. An excision of the lesion to her right shin took place on 27 October 2020. This histology report confirmed the overall appearance was interpreted as an invasive malignant melanoma.

On 09 November 2020 a Skin Cancer Nurse Specialist told the Claimant the lesion was a malignant melanoma. She was referred to hospital on 30 November 2020 and on 08 December 2020 had a 16mm melanomic site right lower sentinel lymph node sampling with matriderm and split skin graft reconstruction. It was agreed her staging scans would be reviewed pre-op, and the risks of the procedure were explained on the telephone on 9 December 2020.

The surgery took place on 7 January 2021, and subsequent histology of 25 January 2021 reported no residual malignant melanoma, and no evidence of metastasis.

The Claimant continues to attend regular check-ups, which have all been clear to date.


As a result, the client suffered the following injuries/consequences:

It was the Claimant’s case that had the excised sample from 2017 been sent for testing, our client would have avoided the consequences in their entirety.

Expert evidence:

We instructed experts to prepare reports for the client in the disciplines of:

Admission of liability:

The GP settled the case, accepting liability.

The GP admitted:

The settlement figure reflected this.

The Proceedings:

Settled out of court.


The claim settled for a value of £50,000.

Client Feedback

Excellent. Very professional. Millie Bolsover was with me every step and I’m very thankful for her guidance and hard work to accomplish a successful outcome. Very understanding and transparent throughout the process of my claim for medical negligence. These solicitors I would highly recommend. Thank you.

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