Fixed Fee Divorce

Our divorce solicitors in Sheffield have tailor made a fixed fee divorce package which means it’s one less thing for you to worry about. We know that when you are thinking about getting divorced, along with all the expense of separation, you would like to know what your legal costs will be. Our fixed fee divorce applies to all simple uncontested divorces where you are the Petitioner.

The legal costs of obtaining a divorce are £500 plus VAT. This does not include the court fee ( or other out of pocket expenses such as obtaining a copy of your marriage certificate or arranging personal service of the court papers upon your spouse.

Depending on whether you got married abroad there may also be the costs of translating a marriage certificate into English by a court approved translation service.

The financial aspect of your divorce settlement is seen by the court as separate proceedings. We are unable to give a fixed fee service for the resolution of financial proceedings, this is due to the complexity and individuality of each family’s financial circumstances.

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