Grandparents Rights

We know how important grandchildren are, who else cherishes a child like a grandparent. However, we know that sometimes children fall out with their parents no matter how old the child. This can leave grandparents being unable to spend time with their grandchildren. Our family team have helped many grandparents spend time with their Grandchildren, we know how special the relationship between you is.

As a grandparent, you do not have any automatic rights to see your grandchildren. The court’s primary concern, like yours, is the children's welfare. If the court consider maintaining a relationship between child and grandparent is in the child's best interest then the court would make an order providing a grandparent to spend time with the child. If you have enjoyed regular time with your grandchildren, for instance providing child care while a parent is at work, or spending holidays with the child during the school holidays or during the weekend, then this can only go to strengthen your case to spend time with your grandchild.


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