WorkSense HR

WorkSense, Wake Smith Solicitors’ Employment Law and HR Support retainer package, is a monthly help and support subscription service offered to all different types of businesses.

Using the emplyoment support package allows you to tap into the unique set of skills and expertise that a dedicated HR professional brings. For a small monthly fee, we can provide unlimited telephone and e-mail support from two of our highly experienced employment solicitors. We offer practical advice and can guide you through any HR issues you face.

WorkSense means you have highly skilled and experienced HR experts dedicated to managing your business’s particular issues just like paid staff but without the huge overheads.

WorkSense allows you to:

Subscribing to our HR package means you can take advantage of our expertise and have all the benefits of an HR manager without having to hire someone full time. This service allows you to employ our team of experts on a monthly basis, for a fixed fee, depending on your specific requirements.

Our HR retainer fee covers ongoing issues from performance management, sickness absence cases, redundancy, policy implementation to those which arise suddenly and unexpectedly including misconduct, employee grievances and policy queries.

The services includes:

Wake Smith will support you and your management team in dealing with your company’s specific HR requirements and give you peace of mind that your business is compliant with HR legislation.

For further information on the package and to get a monthly fee quote for your business please contact [email protected] 

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