Disputed Wills

Disputed Wills

Under the law of England and Wales, everyone is free to make a Will and leave their estate to whoever they choose upon their death.  The law also imposes important safeguards to ensure that only valid Wills are carried into effect.

In recent years the Courts have been asked to rule on an ever-increasing number of challenges to the validity of Wills, and the law has continued to evolve and develop.  Our team of experts are fully across these updates and use this knowledge to best advise and represent our clients.

The grounds for contesting the validity of a Will include:-

Our Will, Trust & Inheritance Disputes team can assist any interest party (challenger, executor or beneficiary of the disputed Will) by conducting an investigation and, when necessary, by pursuing applications in the Probate Registry or High Court to determine the issue.

Initial steps may include:-

These steps and the information they reveal may bring peace of mind or lead only to greater concerns, and our team will be ready to respond accordingly.

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