Can You Have a Happy Divorce?

Marriages break down for many reasons and often the reason for the breakdown can affect not only how a couple conduct the divorce but also their long-term behaviour towards each other.
As the law stands there are 5 "facts" for a divorce and 3 of these require a couple to have lived apart for at least 2 years.
A "quickie" divorce is where either party has either committed adultery and/or acted unreasonably. Many couples are prepared to agree to a divorce on this basis so to get a divorce as soon as possible.
The reason for the divorce will rarely affect any issues regarding children and/or finances and frequently couples will agree to share the costs of the divorce.
The cause of the marriage breakdown will only affect the financial settlement if the behaviour is so significant that it cannot be ignored. It is exceptionally rare for this to happen. Financial settlements will take into account many practical factors but blame is not one of them nor is the emotional upset caused to either party.
Sadly it is regarding children that animosity between a couple can cause both short and long-term problems. Again, it is rare for the cause of the breakdown of the marriage to affect the outcome of any dispute regarding the children. Couples need to remember that they will continue to have a relationship with each as parents of the children for many years to come. It can only be in the children's best interests for their parents to still communicate with and have respect for each other.
So can you have a happy divorce?
The good news is that the majority of couples are able to divorce and move on with their lives both financially and positively in respect of their children.
Our solicitors are members of "Resolution" which is an organisation that only promotes amicable but fair outcomes for separating couples but also accreditation expert status of its members.
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