Not All The Fun of The Fair

The sun is out, the sky is blue and there's barely a cloud to be seen. The British Summer is finally here and so what better time for people to flock to funfairs, amusement parks and theme parks for a day out with friends, family or even by themselves. Sadly, theme parks have been heavily in the news recently for all the wrong reasons, given the shocking incident that occurred at Alton Towers Theme Park on 2nd June 2015. A trip out to a theme park, amusement park of funfair is something to look forward to, for children and adults alike and it can bring excitement and thrills for all. But, what can you do if things go wrong? Just who is responsible for your safety whilst you are at the park? Can you pursue a claim for compensation as a result of injuries you have suffered? What Can You Do? If you suffer an injury whilst at a funfair or amusement park or theme park you must ensure that you report the incident to management or a member of staff as soon as you possibly can. It is very important that you complete a report in the accident book. You should also take a note of the owner of the park's contact details. Witnesses are also important as they can corroborate your version of events so you should try to take names and contact details wherever possible. In addition, it is helpful if you could take photographs of the location of the accident and/or any faulty equipment. Who Is Responsible? In terms of who is responsible for your accident that could be the owner of the Theme Park, Amusement Park or Funfair, the person who was operating the ride, the local authority or the owners of the land where the attraction is situated (if it is owned privately). What Can I Do To Make A Claim? If you decide that you want to pursue a claim the key is to try to collect as much persuasive and compelling evidence as possible, as quickly as possible. Anyone wanting to pursue a claim must prove their claim on what is called the balance of probabilities. That is to say that it must be more likely than not that negligence was likely to have caused the accident. The more detail you can obtain, the better. For further information about pursuing a claim for personal injury, please contact David Brown or Kevin Bostock at or or by telephone on 0114 2666660.

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