“The breakup fee”

Usually I write about the breakdown of marriages and the financial implications. It appears that I have missed a trick and indeed, until now, missed knowledge of “the breakup fee”.

This new concept is of Chinese origin. It is not to do with marriage but rather a breakup between non married couples who may have lived together but more likely may have only been dating. (Link to BBC article)

At its basic level it is a reimbursement of the costs incurred whilst in the relationship for example meals, holidays and gifts, but it appears that some couples will agree to pay an enhanced rate for the emotional impact which the breakup has caused.

It begs the question as to how the amount is calculated for the emotional distress. Someone could be just as emotionally distraught after a short but intense relationship, the same as someone who has been in a long term “slow burn” relationship.

How do you calculate for other factors, such as missed opportunities in not dating other people over the years simply because the person thought that he/she was in a stable, committed relationship, or giving up job opportunities for the sake of your relationship. 

Whether the new trend is based on guilt, Chinese traditions or plain old economics, it is certainly an interesting concept to consider when next you offer to pay for dinner!

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